Monday, April 12, 2010


Initially I have decided to write a good blog post tonight however my mood changed 180 degree or should I say 360 degrees after learning of a bad news that dealt quite a heavy blow on me.

I became sad and depressed once again. Euphoria gave way to gloom for some ten of minutes before I decided to fight back all obstacles back towards Sucess.

There are many stories and inspirational quotes I have read about Success: how one's path to Success is paved with obstacles and stones. Yup, currently Success has been eluding me for years though I have tried my very best to achieve it and mind you, I am diligent, hardworking and tenacious to achieve my goals. But Success is always so far ahead of me.

Every time, when I am nearing my goal, every time when I sensed a beacon of hope while drifting in the choppy seas, the strong waves came at me, hobbling my progress, and sending me hundreds of metres back to where I have advanced!

Success .... where are you? I have been working hard, trying to achieve my objectives but each time I fail once and again. How many times must I fail to achieve my goals?

Do I need to fail like Albert Einstein who invented the light bulb only after 9,999 attempts? Time and tide waits for no man, I do not want to grow to an old age before I finally savour Success.

Each time I tried, each time, I failed, I rest assured that I will come back to strike towards my goals once again. Though I fail countless of times for many times, I always tell myself that every effort I gave of myself is the best effort of me and even if I failed, I consoled myself by saying that I have done my Best!

"There are no failures in the world, only feedbacks." I have heard of this mantra spoken many times by inspirational speakers and definitely it is true: every failure we experience teach us how to be better the next time.

Businessmen are not always successful, they achieve success after some failures. Whenever you see a startup, you will not see the other 9 startups that have failed and whose owners have given up.

Life is as such. Though I may be a poor Singaporean and considered a "lesser mortal" (as quoted by some high ranking elites in the news media), my mantra is "NEVER GIVE UP!". Every day, coming to office, being a "lesser mortal" and earning "peanuts salary", I am always on the receiving end of others who flaunt their wealth openly in front of me, these are people who earn easily hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and I despise them for being arrogant and for earning such amounts of dollars without doing anything significant and being there high up on the organization ladder for reasons they think others do not know.

I may be a "lesser mortal" in Singapore standards, in a society where there are 67,000 millionaires with a net liquidity asset of US $1 million (excluding property) but I have my pride, I have my dignity. Every task I do, I will do to my very Best, irregardless what those high-earning assholes think and play with me, no matter how lowly-paid I am as compared to the thousands of dollars they earn per day.

No matter how I try, how when I fail, I will always come up and try, no matter how people try to discourage me, flaunting their wealth and discourage me.

I do not care those who now achieve success through easy means, through deception, through unmoral means. I will climb up and achieve my goals through my own moral means, no matter how many years it will take, no matter how much effort I will expend on my endeavours ... for I AM A FIGHTER, I am a CHALLENGER!

When the Sun rises again the next morning, when all those stupid rich asnd useless bastards still laze in their beds, I will be up and coming, tying my shoelaces and getting to run my marathon of life! I am a CHALLENGER!

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