Saturday, April 07, 2012

of Getting Married and Starting a Family

Today is the second day of long weekend. For international readers, in Singapore a long weekend is defined as a continual stretch of rest days, normally from Friday to Sunday. Before this current long weekend, I have made a list of tasks to complete, however as the long weekend comes, I find myself very busy with my family and children, hence there is not much of a personal time to do my tasks.
However it is worth it. I believe the most rewarding thing in life is getting married and having children. I know of some bosses over-focusing on career and the climb up the corporate ladder so much so that they do not have time to find a partner and settle down, only to find themselves quite empty-hearted upon retirement.

Life is short. I am blessed to find my loved one, settle down and start a family. For readers out there who are of marriageable age and yet to find a partner, my advice for you is to give the search for your life partner your best effort.

Definitely, marriage and family life has some of its cons too: for example, now I cannot change my job that easily as I have now a family to feed; however the rewards of a family life and seeing your children grow up is immeasurable.

I would want to share more, just that now I need to go offline on this post to do some of my tasks.

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