Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1 Foreigner needed every 20 minutes for Singapore

 The National Population and Talent Division projected that 25,000 foreigners are needed for Singapore every year if the total fertility rate of Singapore falls below 2.1. This translates to approximately 1 foreigner needed every 20 minutes!

I am shocked of this large number of foreigners needed for Singapore as projected by the aforementioned division. Already- as I have experienced and noticed- Singapore is already crowded with people-caused by the large influx of foreigners-everywhere: be it in the MRT trains, shopping centres or even places of interest. Also, from what I have read and observed, not too many Singaporeans are welcoming of too many foreigners, especially if they are not the good ones: like those who make comments that jeer at Singaporeans.

Already, sometimes I ask myself whether this is my home when I am out of the streets as I see around me hundreds of foreigners walking the streets. I do not dislike or condemn foreigner just that if there are so many foreigners in my homeland, I do feel a bit uncomfortable and that Singapore is not like my home anymore.

At many instances, I have to resort to using the native language of foreign service staff when purchasing goods and services. I think if this trend is to continue unabated and uncontrolled, sooner or later, Singapore’s English will definitely go downhill.

It saddens me to say that I do not feel at home anymore in Singapore with the huge influx of foreigners into our shores, frequent breakdown of the MRT trains and the astronomical high cost of living. I think the 1980s to 1990s is the time I enjoy living in Singapore. After 2000, I feel that life in Singapore has become more and more hectic and not enjoyable. I feel more and more Singaporeans are becoming too stressed of the hectic demands of living here. This may translate to the widespread phenomenon of hair thinning and balding here and the increased promiscuity among Singapore’s men and women here as they may want to seek an outlet to escape from the super hectic and super stressful life in Singapore. I feel our current ministers are no longer of the old-guard type, seeking innovative measures boldly for a better Singapore, rather I feel that they tend to stay status-quo in their policy-making with their armies of supposedly faultless and elite scholars.

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