Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to create a new image file from combining existing image files for Free?

I am not too good in using Photoshop or other image-editing software but today I manage to create an image from combining other existing image images I have for free. I am proud of this simple feat and wish to introduce this method to anyone who needs to combine several images, enlarge or scale down onto or along with other images.
The software I use is simple; you do not need to even download this software as it is very commonly used software and this software is none other than PowerPoint 2007!

When I first wanted to edit and combine the images, I opened up a base image in Paint and then start to cut the “Cut and Paste” function to paste other images to the base image. The result is quite messy and one of the images even experience a fading of colours.

As I was thinking how I could proceed, I started to think of a possibility, that is to paste, edit and modify all images with one another using Powerpoint and after that do a Printscreen of the collated image and save as a bmp file. It is not hard for a common user of the Personal Computer like me to come out with a solution like this as it is quite usual for people to do up a presentation slides  with images.

After I compiled my “Masterpiece” and decided to do  printscreen as aforementioned, I decided to explore whether this “Masterpiece” of mine could be saved as a bmp file! This is a wild idea as in the past when I used Powerpoint software, there are no such functions. Hence when I opened the tab and saw the various saving options of the file as .bmp, .jpeg among a raft of other possibilities, I was delighted! I eventually saved my “Masterpiece” in a .bmp image and the resolution is great at 1 MB.

Hence for those who want to edit and create a new images using existing images, you could give Powerpoint 2007 a try! You will like it!

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