Friday, April 27, 2012

Legoland Malaysia

I loved to play with legos when I was young. With the lego modules, I could build up forms and structures and translate thoughts into reality! Legoland is a theme park with its theme on legos. Legoland Malaysia will open 3rd quarter of this year. Currently, there is one legoland theme park in florida and california.

It would be great if Singapore has another theme park after Universal Studio but we do not have too much land mass. Already 2/3 of our land are water catchment areas and in the remaining land, we need to build more houses to accomodate more people in the future.

Singapore's achilles heel is in its small land mass with no natural resources. No doubt we can produce great minds but China and India alone can produce millions of graduates per year alone. Hence it is really no guarantee that Singapore can thrive as current in the next few decades with the emergence of China, India and other developing countries.Other countries with their land mass can still have much potential to be developed but Singapore really needs to rely on its brain power of its people to develop a competitve edge in the world.

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