Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will the 17-year old “Sexy” girl please stand up?

With so many men coming from the public and private sectors being charged in court over sex with a minor-many are reported to have sex with the same 17-year old, part-time model cum student, I hope that the media can publish the photo of the lady though it may be hard to do so as the 17-year old is a minor at the time the crimes are committed.

However I find that the 17-year old model is not that innocent. She deliberately went to bed with so many men, apparently to earn monies quickly. She ought to be chastised. A photo of her in the newspapers is not to satiate the curiosity or imagination of Singaporeans as to how pretty the lady will look; the photo published publicly should act to shame this lady and serve as a deterrent to potentially like-minded young ladies.

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