Monday, April 30, 2012

Andy Ong of ERC –The Sunday Times Interview

I read the interview report with Mr Andy Ong of ERC in yesterday’s The Sunday Times.  I have attended Andy’s Ong free seminar talks before and I walked away, feeling impressed at this self-made multi-millionaire. It is hence very natural for me to find out more about Andy by digesting the interview article within minutes.

It was reported in the article that a RI classmate of Andy has told Andy that he will be the least among his peers to succeed.  Andy, as reported in the article, said that, to him, this comment “is hurtful, is really hurtful”. Andy has since proven his detractors wrong by making millions, having under him the ERC institute, having properties over the world and grooming entrepreneurs.

Even after more than 24 hours since I read the article, Andy’s comment “this is hurtful, this is really hurtful” keeps ringing in my mind and heart. I believe this has to do with my current situation at work and my aspiration to excel in my career.

It is my dream to be a multi-millionaire like Andy and enjoying financial freedom while having the monetary resources to help shape many lives through charity, employment and education. I will however take one step at a time. I will still continue to work hard despites being in a wrong place for my career advancement , a place which does not recognize my potential, a place which gives me work which degrades what I can and  believe what I am made up of. A place where I have to bear with nonsense and “ political” people everyday.

I hope one day when I become successful one day, I will share in a interview article the days I am undergoing in my job now, one which “is hurtful, is really hurtful”.

Andy Ong and successful entrepreneurs who achieved success only after many many feedbacks are always aspiring to me. They exhort to me to continue to work hard towards my goals.

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