Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Titanic in 3D

The blockbuster “Titanic” was screened more than a decade ago but now this thriller is making a comeback to movie screens in 3D. I think this movie will still receive record viewership despite it being an old flim. The first 3D movie I watched was “Avatar” with my wife. With 3D spectacles on, yes there are some effects but I do feel a little bit dizzy.

Anyway, it seems that more and more movie producers are embracing 3D or even 4D technology. There was a Chinese R(A) movie called “Sex and Zen” which was shot in 3D and now the producers are thinking of shooting the movie in 4D- by making the armchairs of vibration nature.
Anyway, I do not know why the world is still embracing the “Titanic”. A museum in Northern Ireland is set up to house replicas and showcase the interior of Titanic

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