Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lee Lip Hong and 43 men charged with having commercial sex with under-18 girl

Lee Lip Hong, the name of the principal, among 43 others charged with having commercial sex with under-18 girl did not come as a surprise to me when his and the names of the other offenders were announced as I have previously came across the possibility of Lee Lip Hong being the one as shared in my earlier post.

Together with  Lip Hong, there are 9 civil servants to be charged. I read that most of the 44 men were involved with the same 17-year old student cum part-time model who is described as sexy.

Though the men were culpable of falling prey to lust and promiscuity, I think the part-time student should also be at fault. There should be a law to prosecute those under-18 girls who deliberately prostitute themselves for monies or other gains.

I believe Singaporeans should forgive all the 44 male offenders involved in this case as they have paid a hefty penalty for what they have done.

There seems to be so much distraction these days which cause people to act not to their best or usual self. I think it has to do with striking a balance in life. With a balanced mind, one can act and behave in a measured and balanced manner.

I think it is time people stop immersing ourselves in the internet world, ipads, iphones but spend time to carry out activities to balance our mind, in a return to innocence:

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