Saturday, April 28, 2012


I am perspiring this minute as I blog. It is super hot tonight as yesterday night. Despite switching on the fan at full blast, I am still coated with sweat in this super hot and humid weather.

These afternoons have not be less hot either. The afternoon sun is so strong that my usually wet toilet floor becomes dry these days.

I become so frustrated with this hot weather and to add to my ire, I checked the local weather authority website and saw that tonight's temperature is 29 degreee celsius! This is really a JOKE! I know from the newspapers that the authorities use a reference station at Changi to derive the temperature for the whole of Singapore. Somebody wrote in to question the accuracy of such a approach but the authorities says that what it does is in accordance with the international standards.

Anyway, these few days and nights are really SUPER HOT!

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