Thursday, August 12, 2010


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Sometime I wonder if I could ever turn back the clock, I would want to revisit my childhood and schooling days once again. No doubt this is impossible; I still hanker after the thought.

At where I am now in this current phase of life, there are some regrets. If only I have learnt how the society works at an early point of time, I would not have been at a disadvantage position now.

I could have taken a completely different education and specialisation. I could have been more active in my schooling days. Indeed when I was young, I do not grasp the full implications of how decisions made then could have an impact on the latter stage of life. Some of these effects are adverse and irreversible. Others could have been mitigated. But all of these negative things might not have happen if I have placed a much concerted and serious thought when I was young.

Hence, I find myself struggling in life now, dealing with office politics and evil people. All these are a cycle of ‘causes and effects’. There could still be routes I could take to get out of this drastic situation. I would not wait for another twenty or thirty years down the road when everything might be impossible then.

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