Monday, August 23, 2010

Philippines hostage crisis

At this point in writing, the 10 hours Philippines hostage crisis has just ended, with the gunman believed to have been shot dead!

If you have not followed this news yet, basically, a disgruntled dismissed decorated policemen held a busload of Hong Kong tourists hostage. These tourists were on their way home to the airport when they were held hostage!

The gunman freed some 8 to 9 hostages before the Philippines police stormed the bus. At this time of writing, the actual details of the storming remained hazy but what has emerged was that the bus driver managed to escape from the bus before the storming and according to him, some tourists held captive in the bus were shot.

It is premature to know whether any tourist has perished in this tragedy. My heart goes out to the hostages for it is really tragical to be held hostage!

I am not too supportive of the Philippine police storming of the bus, it seems that they might have compromised on the safety of the passengers and have accepted that some 'sacrifices' are necessary to end this hostage crisis. Well I will keep updated of this crisis and lets hope no hostage was killed.

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