Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What has the Singapore Youth Olympics Games (YOG) got to do with Amazon river?

Emblazoned on the headlines of the Straits Times today was the picture of a young boy. "Do you know this boy?" the headlines cried. Piqued by curiosity, I read the article and learnt that the young boy, was featured as he ran continously for 15 km in yesterday's leg of the Olympic Flame in Singapore, taking photos and cheering the Olympic Flames even though he was drenched from top to toe in the downpour.

In the same newspapers, was the story of a former British Army captain Ed Stafford, who had disappeared since 28 months ago, only to emerge today, covering the whole of the Amazon river for an astounding 6500 km! Along the way, he has met with snakes, poisonous insects, captured by the indigenous jungle tribes, which really made his trekking the eptiome of an adventure blockbuster! To know more about the trek, you may want to visit this link!

Together, our local boy and the British trekker exhibit the best of the human spirit: Follow your heart and pursue your Dreams!

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