Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Youth Olympic Games closing ceremony

How time passes! The two-week Singapore Youth Olympic Games will draw to a close tomorrow with a closing ceremony held at the Marina Bay floating platform.

These two weeks, when I was in the Marina Bay area, I saw quite many happy faces, especially among the tourists, posing for photos taken against the great backdrop of the Integrated Resorts and the Esplanade area.

No doubt, the games has drawn some flak for some glitches here and there, I believe some hiccups are inevitable for a large scale event; the imperative is that these hiccups are not major and rectified as soon as possible! Singapore has pulled off an applaudable event yet again!

I feel proud as a Singaporean that Singapore has trailblazed in a new area: we are the first country to host the Youth Olympics. Past trailblazing achievements included the hosting of the first night time F1 race, and this race will be the next international event to look out for next month in Singapore!

Well, I believe after all these events have passed, the date of the General Elections will finally be announced. I believe it will be held next year and without a doubt, the Singapore General Election will be the next hot topic coming up soon!

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