Thursday, August 12, 2010

Singapore Life

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Everything in life is a matter of relativity. How rich or poor we are, we measure with respect to the worth and assets of others. People like to compare by and large, and I have observed that people tend to be happier a bit when others are worse off than them. I am not being masochistic; I have already understood that many people in this world are not that kind.

Yes, a handful of our folks are altruistic, but many have some vested interests and hidden objectives. It is true and hence it is sad. In the office and other places, we should be careful of people and guard against them if possible. We should not relax our guard. We should cherish our family and loved ones for they are the ones who love us most and are most frank with us. It is ironical that at times, we treat our loved ones more harshly than outsiders. I think it is because we have a higher expectation of them, we are frank with them and we tend to be hurt more when the people we love more chastise us. When we step out of house into work, we put on a mask and put on a show at work. Coming back home, we take out our mask and resume back to our usual self.

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