Monday, August 30, 2010

Pure drinking water, distilled water and mineral water

These days, in the market, there exists a myriad of choices when it comes to bottled water: we have mineral water, distilled water and pure drinking water from all brands, local or international.

For most of the days, I boil tap water for my own consumption, buying and drinking these bottled mineral water when I am outside and my water bottle has become empty.

Water is essential for everyone as everyone needs to drink. I did a check on the differences between mineral water, natural water and distilled water on the internet and discovered some findings.

An article I read eschewed the drinking of mineral water everyday as it will harm the body with an overload of minerals, causing damage to the various organs. And when it comes to distilled water, some sources were saying that as distilled water contains no minerals, it is quite aggressive, hence it will bind minerals and metals to itself. Seen in this light, distilled water is touted to be good for detoxification programmes of the body as it can help purge poisonous elements from the body. But it was also stated in the same article that prolonged consumption of distilled water is not beneficial to the body as there is no mineral intake into the body. Distilled water tastes and is acidic as due to its binding nature, its pull carbon dioxide from the air to be dissolved into it.

I guess one should have a mix of both mineral water and pure water to get the best of both worlds.

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