Sunday, August 01, 2010

Singapore Weather: It is Freaking Cold today!

It poured cats and dogs and then drizzled for the whole of today, sending mercury levels notches down for Singapore.

As I was typing, the temperature here in Singapore is between 23 degree celsius to 26 degree celsius. The cold weather made me extra happy today as it reminded me of my wonder holidays in Hokkaido with my lovely wife who is also the most wonderful and greatest girl in the world !

I love Japan very very much for its myriads of natural destinations, great and healthy food and sea produce. You can read of my wonderful Japan holidays right here. If you are a travel addict, do not miss this blog too!

I always 'catch' the show called "Japan hour" as it will give me fond memories of my Japan holidays. I can say that Japan is one of the best tour destinations: it has really lots to offer: from excellent onsens to the most natural places in the world to the most high-tech gadget in metropolitan cities like Tokyo!

I do love living in Singapore just that it is getting more and more crowded with the high influx of foreigners who are affecting the quality of living right here with the over-utlisation of public places with them; to having to become customer service officer to the china chinese customer service staff by having to obey them to speak Chinese to them first before placing an order with them so that they would understand me.

I think this is really ridiculous by having to be made to "serve" these customer service officers by speaking chinese to them to make life easier for them to serve me later. I believe in the long run, customer service in Singapore which is already not very good as compared to other countries will suffer even more! I have witnessed many foreigners left dumbfounded after the China chinese customer officers serve them in broken English.

Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy living in Singapore and I feel that as a whole the country is really making the best of its constraints in natural resources to be what it is today. However, certain social policies would have to be carefully calibrated.

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