Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CPF Banana sisters will perform in Chinese Getais in the Chinese Lunar Seventh Month Hungry Ghost Festival

Just few hours after the whole of Singapore revelled in national joy celebrating the country’s 45th birthday, the gates of Hell opened wide at 12.00 am sharp on 10 Aug 10. There were no strong winds or heavy rains but the thousands of souls might be thrilled for their annual wandering on planet earth!

Already, while walking home yesterday night, I saw many offering prayers for the souls. Yesterday, the striking of the clock at 12.00 am sharp signalled the commencement of the Chinese lunar 7th month or the Hungry Ghosts month.Mention the Chinese 7th month here, one should definitely not forget ‘getais’: the elaborate street shows setup for the ‘Good brothers’ as well as the legions of ‘getai’ fans which count the senior citizens as the majority.

Since last year, the authorities have made use of the annual ‘getais’ to disseminate valuable messages such as the anti-gambling drive. This year, the CPF board has this ‘banana sisters’ to spread some CPF messages to the lay men at the getais.

I believe in the essence of souls, ghosts and the Hungry Ghost month. I was lucky not to have seen any ghosts so far. I could still recall back during my National Service days, I was all alone on the top of a knoll in the northern part of Singapore, on the most ‘potent’ day of the Hungry Ghosts month which is the 14th of the month. I was with my rifle, my standard battle order, waiting for ‘enemies’ and anticipating to see ghosts. Luckily I did not see any and I was busying warding off the legions of mosquitoes that night!

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