Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Liu Qian Magic

Liu Qian, a famous Taiwanese and Asian magician found his myriads of followers here in Singapore through a popular Taiwanese variety show.

Recently, Liu was here to perform in Singapore, at Max Pavilion in Expo. I have read reports of his performances which drew raving crowds. However, his magic was not all fool-proof, there were some hiccups ‘here and there’ in his magic shows, as reported.

In the past, I was wowed by Liu Qian, and magicians the likes of David Copperfield and Chris Angel, however after watching episode after episode of the “World’s Greatest Magic Secrets finally revealed” which screens on Channel 5 at 10 pm every Sunday, I have learnt that these magicians are not superhuman. Their magical performances are just tricks.

For example, it was reported that Liu has found his lover of his past life and a blank chalkboard revealed what his ‘lover’: an audience selected has said. This performance was actually one of the many tricks decoded in the show which I have watched.

Hence no appeal of magic to me anymore and I have saved my money by not going to such magic shows.

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