Sunday, April 06, 2008

Life and Death

A colleague of mine was involved in a traffic accident just two days ago and he is currently fighting for his life in the intensive ward of a hospital.

It was indeed shocking and most unpredictable to all around him: his family, friends, relatives and colleagues.

A kind, hardworking, capable, friendly colleague and a proud father of many children with a ready smile, tears inevitably welled up in the eyes of all his loved ones as we see him lying on bed now, face and shoulders bloated and with injuries; tubes of oxygen and fluids making merciless inroads to his brain and body.

There was a heavy impact on his skull which made him unconscious till now despites the surgeries carried out. Readings indicating his brain pressure have not been positive till far.

Life is most unpredictable and accidents can and may happen to anyone. It may only be when accidents happen to people around us who we know of, that we are reminded of this sombre fact and of the fact to lead life to the fullest and to cherish our loved ones.

Man are but mere mortals who in the race of life pursue things that are not worthy of chasing; it may often takes a loss to cherish ordinary things and relationships that are the most invaluable in life.

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