Tuesday, April 08, 2008


In life, some people make decisions at the blink of an eye, fast, decisive, guided by their gut feelings’ and often they do not regret over their decisions; their decisions are often proven to be ‘correct’ later. This is the power of ‘thinking without thinking’ according to Malcolm Gladwell’s popular book, “Blink”. It is the power of the trained mind to make split second decisions, the ability to think without thinking, or in other words using instinct.

How often a time have you meet a person for the first time, and in a moment of a blink, concludes his personality? This is first impression, which is normally formed by a person towards others in 3 seconds.

First impressions may not be accurate and often relates to persons. The power of blinking relates to decisions on matters. I found myself to posses the power of blinking at times; for example, I could still recall the times when I sat for examinations and answering some difficult questions, with a ‘blink’, I am able to deduce the correct answers at first sight. It was regretful that for some of these difficult questions, I gave the questions much more thought, deviated from the correct answers I chose with my ‘blink’ and got the answers wrong.

This is the power of a ‘blink’.

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