Thursday, April 10, 2008


(continued from 'Life and Death' posted on 6 Apr 08)

It has been almost a week and my colleague who has been fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit has shown no improvements. The night before, the doctor certified him as brain dead, and pulled the plug out from the life support machine after informing and discussing with his family. It was a grave decision, a considered decision for his family who he was the sole breadwinner. A small plug off symbolises the end of a precious life and many upcoming challenges for his family. With this, my colleague left all his loved ones; however he will live forever in the minds and hearts of everyone whose lives he has touched, and for whom his organs have given a new lease of life to (all Singaporeans come under the HOTA act). Therein, he has left a legacy.

Life is the most unpredictable, everyone of us shall cherish all our loved ones and makes the best use of our limited time on earth.

Life can be unforgiving at times and all of us may be caught up in the rat race in a bid to survive; it takes the passing on of someone close to us to serve as a sombre reminder that life is in fact big.

Lead a moral life, cherish your loved ones, lead life to the fullest and contribute to helping the community.

My hearts goes all out to my ex-colleague, I will always remember him as the diligent colleague, good father to his children and his ever-ready smiles will live on in the hearts of us colleagues.

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