Monday, April 14, 2008

Bus Bullies

Local public transportation has to cope with increasing demands as Singapore’s population continues to grow, in part due to the presence of the slightly more than a million foreigners in this small country.

Local buses are getting more and more crowded in the peak hours but what irks me most is the bus bullies witnessed everyday. These bullies are simply self-centred passengers inside the buses who stand and refuse to move to the rear. Hence a bus may not reach its full standing capacity when it could not pack in more passengers at the subsequent bus stops simply because it is deemed that there is no more space inside for the boarding passengers (when in actual fact, there is ample if the bus bullies were to just simply move to the rear).

Imagine if you were to wait for 20 minutes for your bus and yet are deprived of getting into one when it arrives simply because there are standing passengers in the bus who refuse to move to the rear to make space for you.

This is definitely a most horrible act of the bus bullies, who certainly have no right to deprive one of his boarding right and valuable time.

A good bus captain should not only drive carefully, be courteous towards passengers; he should also encourage passengers to move to the rear when the bus becomes crowded.

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