Saturday, April 12, 2008


I attended my colleague’s wake today.

Walking towards the coffin to take a final last look at my colleague, whose face has been lined up with thick mascara so much so that I could not really recall his usual face…….. I could not help but gasp at the impermance of life.

Just one week ago, my colleague was still around in my office, warm and friendly with all of us colleagues and with his trademark smile, now he has suddenly left us, his colleagues and his family. It was hard for all of our colleagues to accept the fact that he has indeed left as his memory will live forever in the hearts of us colleagues. It seemed to us that he has merely taken a short holiday and would be coming back soon.

A traffic accident, the exact causes of which may only be known by my colleague has claimed his life and changes the life of his family and hurts those closest to him. We read of traffic accidents regularly in the newspapers and how often we witness reckless drivers on the road each day…..I myself was almost killed on the day of Chinese New Year (read my earlier post).

My colleagues left a legacy to his family, friends and colleagues whose life he has touched and to whom he has given a new lease of life with his organs.

Our time on life is limited; let us value our time fruitfully during our lifetime. Physical body is merely the form, it is the legacy that we left behind, it is the lives that we make a difference to, that matters ultimately.

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