Saturday, April 05, 2008

Stray cats leading a good life in Singapore

Singaporeans are a fortunate lot to lead a comfortable living though they may lament on certain issues at times. I would like to share with readers that even stray animals, particularly cats, in Singapore may be leading a good life too!

I have been observing the activities of the top of a small hill near my house whenever I pass by there in the late evenings. Amidst the trees on top of the hill, there sits astride a dog which looks like a lion as it has grown so fat and it has colour of the latter. The calm and majestic pose it strikes while sitting on the top of the hill also make it seem ever more like a lion. I was shocked when I saw the dog at the very first time, thinking that I have seen a lion in Singapore (outside of the zoo)!

Slowly over time, I realised at this period of the day, there was always an old woman cycling from her home nearby and bringing food at the bottom of the hill for the dog to feast on. The woman looks like a normal person, no odd or insane behaviour spotted and I also hear her calling the lion her affectionate ‘boy boy’.

Yesterday, at one of the void decks in my blocks, I happened to chat up with a young lady who told me that she has been feeding stray cats in my estate for years now, together with her group of friends; and they have even forked our their own money to bring these cats for sterilization. And one of the more amazing things is that she lives outside my estate! She sought my advice whether there have been any cat problems in my estate, to which I said no; though I may be quite irritated at times by the constant mating calls and shrieks of the cats at some of the nights (yes, sterilization may be the way to go to curb an increasing cat population, and it is a more humane approach as compared to culling).

I also see residents near my block feeding cats at various times of the day, sometimes giving them good food (in human standards).

Recent news have also reported that NTU undergraduates have opened a [some sort of a] Cats Welfare Society of their own; rewarding their members with Cocurricular activity points for feeding of stray cats.

Animal lovers in Singapore may hence not be confined to those who own pets and treat them well. There is really a portion of Singapore animal lovers who are caring for strays without the hassle of keeping them at home.

And that explains the existing or increasing population of stray cats in Singapore…..

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