Thursday, April 24, 2008

Office Politics

There is no perfect work because there are no perfect people. In any work, there are both technical and human aspects of the work to be managed and tackled. Managing the technical parts of work is simple, the intricacies and challenges arise from managing the complex webs of human relationships.

Our colleagues come from different backgrounds, are conditioned differently from childhood and in different environments; all of us thus have different perspectives, bias, prejudices and opinions.

When people with diverse personalities from diverse backgrounds congregate in one common workplace to work together towards a common goal, some conflicts are inevitable in everyday work life.

Tolerance and understanding are keys to a successful work relationship with colleagues and bosses.

Overlay to the complexities of human relationships at work are what we call ‘office politics’; this phenomenon is part and parcel of everyday work life.

Because of office politics, misunderstandings between colleagues may arise, relationships drift further and some who play the game well become promoted to the next higher level.

Office politic players most often churn out and spread rumours and cultivate factions within the office.

Man is essentially an animal and the ‘survival of the fittest’ scene played out in the jungles of animals, find its stage in the offices too.

The scenes play out everyday, unstoppable but varying in degrees across different offices.

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