Sunday, April 27, 2008


It is the time of the year when schools from the primary to the varsities are having their examinations.

At this time of the year, local libraries become transformed instantaneously to studying grounds of the students as they throng the National Libraries, the regional libraries and the community libraries for a quiet spot to concentrate on their revisions.

The student campers easily number to a hundred and not only were the reading tables and seats targeted by them, the sofas and other good seating spots were not spared either.

Users of the libraries hence could not find their legitimate seats easily with the strong ‘competition’ from the campers.

At the National Library, the students even occupy the exhibition galleries with their voluminous books and laptops and reluctantly leave only after repeated reminders from the librarians.

Indeed the local libraries are excelling studying corners, offering unparallel cooling and ventilation comforts in this hot and humid country, tranquillity and silence for concentration during study and water coolers for quenching of thirst. Another unrivalled perk is the fact many of these institutions are located near food centres offering yummy treats.

It is definitely no wrong for students to study in libraries; however the boundary would be crossed once the students hog the wrong corners of the libraries for their revision or when they disturb other library users with their group discussions.

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