Friday, April 25, 2008

TODAY’s ritual

Since the circulation of the free daily TODAY, a ‘first-thing’ ritual Singaporeans partake in the mornings before work on weekdays and weekends is to queue up…….. for the free dailies.

The queues would normally be found at MRT stations throughout Singapore, and would commence as early as 7 am, long before the TODAY vendors starts the distribution of the papers at 730 am.

And the most interesting observation is that the queue would always be formed at the same location even before the vendor reports for duty.

When the vendor is late for his distribution work, even by 15 minutes, a majority of the long queue of readers would refuse to budge or disperse, rooted in their belief that the vendor would answer their call of TODAY.

Most of the time, their prayers are answered as the vendor arrived, apologizing to the masses and dishing out the dailies in a even faster pace.
Late distribution is however an unusual phenomenon, occurring once in a period of say 3 months.

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