Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 911.... 9 years on

Today marked the 9th year aniversary of the one event which changed the modern world... 911!

I could never forget this watershed day! I was studying then for an important test to be held on the next day when I saw a newsflash headline beamed right across the bottom of the show on local television show that I was watching. I could not remember the headline now.. but it seemed something like America was under attack or that World War 3 has commenced!

I rushed over for my remote control and switched to Channelnewsasia, and the image which greeted me truly shocked me: The top of World Trade Centre was burning with explosions and beams of fire bellowing from within!

That was an image which shocked me till today, at this time of writing. Then 2 minutes later, a plane flying past the billowing tower went crashing into it! The top of the tower immediately exploded further!

My family and I watching the unfolding grisply scene turned grave! What on earth has happened? Scores of people were fleeding and then I actually saw bodies after bodies jumping out from the burning skytower, like ants from a crushing pipe! Minutes later, the tower broke into halves as its top went crumbling down!

Another few minutes later, a headline flashed that the Pentagon was also under imminent attack by another plane! All these were too much for my family and I.

As it turned out, this day was not World War 3, but a day which marked the start of a war, much more protracted, much more insidious, waged by hidden and unknown operatives and enemies against no particular nation but the world at large; it marks the start of an ideological war, which, till today, saw no bottoming out, never mind that Afghanistan was conquered by the US, Saddam Hussein was hanged after the Iraq war waged soon after and scores of extremists and many more US soliders and were killed during the many many battles and the wave of beheading of Americans in the infancy of post 9-11, the bombings which rocked Indonesia and other countries till today....

Singaporeans now lived in heightened state of alert and security, with policemen and guards patrolling the key installation, emergency drills being held frequently than ever. Singaporeans must not think that we are remote from terrorism. Our fellow man, a young female lawyer was killed in the India hotel hostage killing

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