Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paya Lebar fast becoming a making out spot for Indonesians and foreigners!

I was at Paya Lebar today, walking from Paya Lebar MRT station into Tanjong Katong complex and the vicinity on a Sunday. I have long known that come Sundays and public holidays, Paya Lebar will be transformed into an enclave for Indonesian maids and other foreign workers as reported in our local newspapers, but I never expect to see the scene that greeted me entering into this enclave on this day of the week.

First of all, walking behind Paya Lebar MRT stations, I saw many Indonesian maids, or maids of other descents, making out with their foreign male counterparts, by making out: I mean getting lovey dovey, hugging, kissing and touching and all in public view. These couples paused their action when they realised passer-bys like me were looking at them. But there was no one such couple, there were quite many of them strategically positioned.

Next into Tanjong Katong complex, were seated a couple of other foreign couples on benchs kissing, hugging and doing other intimate things when they sensed nobody was looking at them. Outside the shopping complex and in the vicinity, there were many other Indonesian foreign workers and maids, and also foreign workers of other descents congregating and creating quite a din.

With Singapore's population at 5 million and one-third of them being foreigners, foreigners have really carved out an enclave themselves in our island. If you want to see many Indonesians, go to Paya Lebar on Sundays, if you want to see China and India workers, go to Geylang and Little India on Sundays. If you would like to see Burmese or people from Mynamar, proceed to Peninsula on Sundays too, and if you would like to see Japanese, visit Liang Court.

I mean enclaves really form by themselves as people of similar backgrounds would prefer to congregate together. I am not so supportive though if their congregation causes some social eye sore like the scene I have described above. Solution? I do not think we need to step in though, because if we disperse the crowd, they would move somewhere else. I would think that the police should step up control in such enclaves on weekends though.

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