Friday, September 24, 2010

SMRT jingle: Train is coming, train is coming, train is coming.. Please Start Queuing, Love your rides

The past few weeks, while using the SMRT train, I feel that all the other passengers and I are like small kids, with the SMRT jingle buzzing around upon the arrival of every train, urging all to queue up. The SMRT jingle should not be too unfamiliar to you, it goes like this: “Train is coming, train is coming, train is coming.. Please Start Queuing, Love your rides”.

No doubt the Public Transport Council wishes that Singaporeans would learn to be gracious towards one another while using MRT, but I find the jingle a bit silly. The monies that are channelled to produce the jingle and blasting it all around the MRT stations could be better spent on improving the ever-worsening overcrowding situations in the SMRT trains, bringing less stress to commuters. People are packed like sardines, and people cannot get into the trains at the peak hours of the day!

And if the recently-held Speak Proper English campaign would to find an example of poor English, this SMRT jingle would be the best example! Why do I say so? Well, for most of the times, only when the train comes, then the jingle will sound, hence should it not be: “Train has come, Train has come,, Train has come… (rather than ‘is coming’)”.

In view of the overcrowding situation in MRT trains, the jingle should ring like this: “Train has come, Train has come,Train has come. Put on your protective gears. Lets bash in!”.

How to love my rides with the super-crowded trains at almost all hours of the day?

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