Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mediacorp "The Family Court" sodomy scene DISGUSTS me and makes me PUKE!

Currently, I am very busy with my personal endeavours, however, I am still making some time to post this blog post because I really want to put on record my extreme displeasure, utter shock and disbelief at a sodomy scene shown on tonight's (7 Sep 10) episode of Mediacorp "The Family Court" drama (which screens week-nightly from 9pm to 10 pm).

I am not a local drama fan, however I caught the scene while I was having my dinner, coincidentally. In a scene of the show, the character played by Qi Yu Wu broke his storied past when pressed by a female lawyer played by actress Eelyn Kok in court, on why he has lambasted his mother, played by Hong Hui Fang. There as the character played by Qi recounted his 'encounter', the scene changed to one, whereby a fat man, pushed and shoved a young boy, aged around 10 to 11 (the Qi Yu Wu's character in his childhood days) into a room, and as 'Qi' recounted in court, the man pulled down the boy's pants (this part was not shown) but the scene showed the man in an act of banging and sodomising the boy's buttocks! before the boy bit the man and rushed out of the room!

This was a VERY DISTURBING SCENE to me as well as the audience in general, I believe! What is Mediacorp trying to do? If Mediacorp wants to spice up its drama like its Hong Kong counterparts, this is definitely not a way to do it!

Imagine, if a mature adult like me were to be disturbed at this scene, how would our young kid audiences react on watching the scene? "Daddy, Mummy, what is the man doing to the boy?" the kids may ask their parents. How would parents answer? Worse, if the kids have watched and are not advised subsequently by their parents, they may feel curious on what is happening and who knows, their curiosity may lead them to something graver, like exploring on the internet on what is wrong with the scene that they cannot comprehend, discuss with their equally innocent peers, or worse try the scene with their peers!

Why is Mediacorp depicting such a vivid, disturbing scene, of sodomy, an act of unnatural sex, an act of sex that is defiant of nature, right on national televisions? The negative impact on audience and young audience will be immense and unhealthy!

I really hope that the Media Development Authority will do more to prevent such a disturbing scene to be shown in the future! I hope Mediacorp can offer an apology to viewers of the disturbing scene.

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