Thursday, September 02, 2010

SIA Crew warned over Facebook posting

A group of SIA crew was warned for divulging information of their company’s operation on Facebook.

I believe netizens should restrict divulging too much of their company-related information on the internet via any of the online social networking platforms. They may treat their online postings as private to themselves or their exclusive group of friends. But as long as their online content can be ‘google-able” or viewed by other netizens, their private trival lamenting or sharing become public content!

This incident is not the first incident in which netizens were brought to task by their employers over the posting of work-related content on the internet; neither will it be the last. The social online networking platforms have blurred the lines of public and privacy so that what is private sharing of one can be instantaneous public news at the click of your posting to the internet. The internet is really everything today!

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