Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Singapore Population hits 5 million

The latest census reveals the fact that Singapore’s population has reached 5 million. Of the 5 million, one third is foreigners.

Prior to the release of this census results, the signs are everywhere that our population has increased tremendously: congested trains at any time of the day, overcrowded shopping malls, restaurants and public facilities.

The increase in our population is entwined with the usual bugbear of the intake of foreigners into Singapore, though the pace of the intake is slowed in the recent years.

I have no grudge about the intake of foreigners into Singapore if doing so, Singapore’s economy and society will benefit, what I worry most is whether our country is able to support an even larger population.

Already, trains are already so full and shopping malls in the city are jammed packed like sardines. I think one way of ensuring a comfortable experience amidst the growing population will be to make Singapore a city which does not sleep! We can have some portion of our population working, shopping or studying in the middle of the wee hours by staggering working and studying hours. In this way, public infrastructure can be utilised at all hours of the day without being overloaded only during certain hours of the day. Costs of operation may increase, but we can start a pilot trial to test the feasibility, starting with the ‘night owls’.

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