Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Singapore Shopping Experience

I was shopping for some items today. There were quite a number of stalls selling the same items at the shopping place I was in, so I went around comparing prices.

Many shops were selling at the standard price of 5 items for $2. I walked around, looking for even cheaper prices. At a stall, the shop owner actually quoted me for 4 items for $2! "Wow, so expensive"  I thought to myself and walked away immediately. Then the shop owner actually slashed the price to 5 items for $2. It was too late as I have walked off.

I detested shop or stall owners quoting exorbitant or unjustifiable prices and then slashing the price when they sense you are walking away. It smacks the fact they are not since to do business with you. Business is about cultivating of good relationship for long term sustainability.

I managed to get the same items at a shop later on: for 5 items for $1.50 and I bought them immediately!

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