Monday, September 27, 2010

Time and tide waits for no man

Though I am always been reminded countless times to seize the present, and not to let the past take hostage of my present, it is easier said than done. Often at times, I will recall my past and how I have come so far in life. I dwell on lost opportunities, some sad incidents of life, some regrets, some hard days, and definitely good moments.

I feel blessed to have good parents, siblings and a beautiful, kind and lovely wife. Sometimes I feel that I do not deserve to be loved or have such a great wife because in my life, I am still stuck in a rut in an arena of my life which I have been aspiring and hoping to get out as soon as possible. As a result of that, I do not earn enough to bring my wife and family to a lot of vacations overseas unlike my other friends who are super-blessed to be selected for an easy fast-tracked career with thousands and thousands of dollars heaped upon them every month while doing little work. I do not have that, I earn just enough to struggle a living for me and my family.

On the other side of the coin, seeing how many in my neighbourhood have called the void decks of Housing Development Board apartments home really bring home the point that I am still blessed afterall. Every night, I will see no less than 5 people sleeping at the same spot in the void deck, enduring the harsh elements.

I think while it is important to be contented, one should still have dreams to work towards.

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