Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Halal Canteen

Boon Lay Primary School has for a certain time declared its school canteen Halal after all the stalls in the canteen achieved Halal Certification.

The school authority has made it a ruling restricting the bringing and consumption of non-Halal food in the canteen.

This ruling drew flak and some furore from the students and particularly, their parents.

In the press statement released today, the MOE has acknowledged this ruling is flawed and the school retracts the ruling with immediate effect.

Anyway, how can a school make its canteen Halal? In so making the ruling, the school authority has make it obvious that it does not comprehend the meaning of Halal certification.

Halal certification is normally awarded to stalls of a food premise serving Halal food or to a food product rather than awarding to a venue.

One can have a canteen with all food stalls Halal which means one can still bring in non-Halal food and consume them in the canteen.

On the contrary, to have a Halal canteen is tantamount to observing Halal practices in the canteen.

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