Friday, February 29, 2008

The Search for Singapore's most wanted continues ... ...

Today is 29th of February, a date which only occurs once every 4 years. On this special day, Singapore and its people are not at ease, especially for the Singapore police and military force as the hunt for Mas Selamat, the JI detainee who escaped from Whitley Detention Centre, continued unabated.

Photos and descriptions of Singapore’s most wanted man are plastered everywhere in Singapore, from MRT stations, to office buildings, bus stops etc, to inform anyone who ever see this man to report to the police immediately. I noticed some tourists and expatriates reading this description, seemingly surprised that such an incident would actually surface in Singapore. This incident certainly tarnish Singapore’s image as a safe country and leaves the robustness of its security system in doubt. It may have a slight repercussion on how the world view our country as a venue for the Youth Olympics.

Mas Selamat is akin to ‘Osama Bin Laden of Singapore’. It was described in news reports that he is a ruthless JI leader who had plotted to crash a plane into Changi Airport Control tower and who had hatched plans to bomb up American expatriates at Yishun MRT station just some years ago. Mas Selamat has also escaped Indonesian police custody before, and thus it seems he is experienced in plotting escapes, even though he walks with a limp.

Information on Mas Selamat has been circulated to the Interpol to seek its help too.

No one in Singapore would like to resemble Mas Selamat at this moment right now, but ironically a 58 year-old man called the police that he was Mas Selamat who planned to bomb up few locations in Singapore. He has been captured and given the gravity of the circumstances, he would no doubt be seriously punished.

There have been lots of speculation on how such a dangerous man would be able to escape from local police custody, the Ministry of Home Affairs is forming a committee to investigate this matter thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the search for Mas Selamat continues ………..

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