Thursday, February 07, 2008

Within centimetres from Death on First Day of CNY

With no visiting or relatives coming to my house to visit, sitting at home the whole day on this first day of CNY was unbearable and the hot and humid weather did not much to alleviate my boredom.

When the weather turned slightly cooler around 540 pm, I mounted my bicycle and cycled to my favourite Bedok Reservoir Park for a refreshing jog. Such ‘cycle-cum-jog’ exercises are rituals I observe regularly.

Soon, I reached the lighted zebra crossing near the junction of Tampines Avenue 1, 2 and 5 and stopped for the oncoming cars to halt. Checking that the cars have halted, I continued to cycle across the junction, at this moment, halfway through, a taxi suddenly drove across in front of me, hitting the front wheel of my bicycle and I was flung to the road. I was indeed lucky, for any faster, I would be killed. I was within cm from death!

The errant taxi driver stopped his taxi metres after he hit my bicycle and opened his door, asking me whether I was okay. I did not answer him and instead remembered hard his taxi plate number. He did not apologise too, and he left shortly.

I examined my bicycle and found it could not be ridden further. I parked it at a void deck near the place of the incident and walked home.

I was not hurt and I considered myself lucky for everyday there are many Singaporeans who fall victim to reckless drivers.

I would also try to salvage my bicycle who has faithfully served me since 2001, accompanying me to many interesting places with many memories.

Neither I nor my good friend bicycle would be victims of reckless drivers.

I felt sad for dumping my close friend on the first day of CNY, in a far-flung and dirty bicycle parking area from my home.

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Anonymous said...

Fyi, it is illegal to cycle across pedestrian crossing paths, be it zebra crossing or traffic lights. Especially for traffic lights where right turning drivers typically anticipate people at walking speed but not bicycle at cycling speed. Legally speaking, cyclists are to dismount and push their bicycle across.

However, I cycle and consider it cumbersome and extra space occupying to dismount and push bicycle across such pedestrian crossing. Thus, what I do is I would cycle at near walking speed when crossing, although this is still technically illegal.

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