Sunday, February 10, 2008

End of 4-day CNY Super Long Weekend

Today marks the end of the super-long weekend for Chinese New Year (4 days in a row commencing from 7 Feb to 10 Feb).

During these 4 days, many Singapore Chinese spent their time visiting relatives and friends and indulge in sessions of heaty food and drinks........ till they discovered the side-effects of such an indulgence.

After 4 days of eating heated stuff and gulping litres of carbonated drinks, I too feel very heaty and going to fall ill soon. I drink lots of water too but it also did not help.

There is also a number of Singaporeans flocking to the favourite haunts during CNY (Chinatown, River Hongbao and the Sentosa Flower Festival this year). Istana, Asian Civilisation Museum and the National Museum were also open for free to the public on the first two days of the Chinese New Year.

Many shopping centres were closed during the first two days of the CNY and Singaporeans wanting a snack or meal outside of home would have to purchase from the few stalls that were open for business on these two days.

My own experience trying to find food outside at the few food stalls opened during these two days: there is a deliberate mark-up in prices of the meals: I paid an extra 50 cents for my bowl of noodles ! and the stallowner made no apologies for it.

The harsh reality of the end of holidays has sunk in and many working Singaporeans are now in bed or preparing for bed for the restart of another working week.

Public holidays are coveted days of working adults! The next public holiday would be on 21 March 08 (Good Friday) which will lead to another long weekend, albeit a shorter one of 3 days of rest.

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