Monday, February 04, 2008

Stamp Collection

I still recalled the days when I was an amateur stamp collector in my childhood days; I was always the eager kid who sieved out envelopes after envelopes of letters addressed to my family.

My relatives also contributed to one or two dozens of my foreign stamps and the rest were given by my Primary 5 teacher who had a family in China.

Returning to class after periodic overseas trips to China, my Primary 5 teacher would distribute the stamps in a balloting fashion, to the students in a ‘mini-sea’ of hands raised.

These sources contributed to my growing stamp collection.

However as I grew older, my interest in stamp collection slowly and gradually waned. Stamp collection became more and more obsolete compared to other more popular hobbies in the teenagers’ years; e.g. computer games.

With the advent of email, postal mail became less popular too and these old-fashioned stamps were very soon replaced by electronic ones.

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kitty@woodlands said...

I used to collect lots of stamps when I was a teenager. Later I gave most of the stamps away to another younger cousin when I no longer wished to continue this hobby. The collection included stamps from USA, Australia, China, M'sia, Taiwan, Canada, Singapore(of course!), New Zealand, etc. The ones which I like best are from USA and China. I still bought some nice-looking stamps when I visited US some years ago although no longer collecting stamps.

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