Thursday, February 07, 2008

CNY Celebrations cum Countdown TV show

Yesterday, like many of the Singaporeans who were holed up at home watching the CNY countdown cum celebrations show on Channel 8, i awaited the final defining moment of the countdown to the Year of the Rat. Just before the countdown, as usual and as expected, Jack Neo did a promotion of his flim (to be released on CNY 7 Feb 0 'Ah Long Pte Ltd' with lead actress, Fann Wong. What I felt irritating is that their babble nearly went beyond the defining moment of 0000 hrs and I could see host Quan Yifeng becoming very nervous as Fann kept rattling on how good their movie is...... Once Fann stopped her rattling, the TV footage focused immediately on the few seconds count down to midnight. My New Year mood, was somehow marred by their promotion of the movie on this countdown show. Otherwises ,yesterday's Channel 8 show was excellent. I particularly liked the segment where 12 TCS artisties took to the catwalk, modeling the fashion designs of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac as it was a refreshing item. Jack, always capitalises on such huge scale shows to promote his shows. It makes good business sense obviously. Jack's flims often play on the same genres, with the same casts, and with typical storylines of previous international flims. The Straits Time review of Ah Long Pte Ltd yesterday gave it a thumb down, as I have expected. He has also atttempted to make his flims profitable by trying to attract a specific large population: Civil Servants ('Just follow law'), Students and parents ('I not stupid') and this time round: Rich Ah Longs and victims of loan sharks? I am not decrying Jack Neo as a lousy director, just want to point out that his flims, with the same old genre, are not interesting to me. However, his flims may have a number of local supporters as box-office results of his flim featured highly in the news just one or two weeks after every release. It may be that I do not appreciate his flims which I believe are boring and that many Singaporeans like his flims on the otherhand OR Singaporeans watching his show, deemed non-appealing to me, like this kind of genre. Anyway I have not watched or am not going to watch any of his movies, and I rather spend my 8 to 11 bucks on a Western or Asian blockbuster. Last but not least, I still support local flims, but flims which are appealing, at least to me.

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