Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ah Meng rest in peace

I saw the TV footage of Ah Meng being laid to rest in a coffin on TV just now. It was sad that Ah Meng, our affable great Orang-utan has finally passed on. Many Singaporeans came to pay their last respects to Ah Meng. Ah Meng has touched the lives of many Singaporeans. I think if I am an author like Roald Dahl, I will be inspired to write a story about Ah Meng. I would also end the story of Ah Meng by having a great state funeral procession attended by all Singaporeans, and animals of the Zoo, birds flying in the sky.... It would be a colorful and interesting procession where human and animals pay their last respect to this great ape and come together. The procession participants comprising of different animals walk at different speeds, and for this one day, forget about the complex relationship that separate the man from the other animals, preys and predators, herbivores and carnivores.......the rule of the jungle between different animals and between man........ just for today. The unity of man and animals will touch the sky and halfway through the procession, the sky started to drizzle, seemingly touched by the collective union of man and animals today. The presiding officer for this great parade who will deliver an eulogy in English (a language known to Singaporeans) and in differenet animal languages will be none other than Tarzan himself. Ah Meng will also receive a posthumous public service medal. All of the above is just my idea of a great story, a tribute to our beloved Ah Meng.

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