Friday, February 01, 2008

University Town

Yesterday, PM Lee graced the groundbreaking ceremony of University Town to be housed along Kent Ridge.

One of the first uses for this University Town is to house the participants of the Youth Olympics when it is ready by 2010.

The construction of the University Town further boosts the chance of Singapore clinching the hosting right of the Youth Olympics 2010 especially after the international judging panel cited in the preliminary judging round that the lack of an Olympics Village to house the game participants is Singapore’s Achilles Heel.

Now it is left to the final rounds: Moscow vs Singapore for the hosting rights of the games.

The construction of the University Town further affirms that Singapore is extremely serious and sincere to host the world’s first Youth Olympic Games so much so that large amounts of money is invested into the construction of University Town whether or not Singapore is to ultimately host the games. Singapore is taking no chance to host the games!

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Anyone who wish to know more about Singapore's bid for Youth Olympic Games 2010 can go to this website :

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