Saturday, June 19, 2010

My wish: to watch a live National Day parade before I die!

I was very sad when I learnt that successful applicants for the tickets to this year's National Day parade can start collecting them with effect from today. I did apply for the tickets this year, yet again, losing count on the number of years that I have applied. Again, I was not able to get hold of the highly coveted tickets since the year balloting of the NDP tickets started.

Why was I so unlucky? Every year, I crave for that little opportunity to catch the National Day parade with my family or wife, but again my wishes were not granted yet again! To increase my chances, I have actually applied for tickets not to the actual parade but to a rehearsal for just 2 or 4 tickets. I thought that would increase my chances to fulfill this little wish of mine for many years, for just this year, but , I was disappointed once again!

As a Singaporean, I just wish to watch the National Day parade after so many years! Every year, I have applied but all my efforts were in vain! The last time I was at the parade, in 1999 was not due to I being lucky in getting the tickets but I was there to help out. Since then on, despites religiously applying for the tickets, and waiting patiently every year, hoping to get the coveted tickets to the greatest parade of our nation, my luck kept failing me.

Hence I have decided that one of my wishes in life was to be able to watch the National Day or its rehearsal live, before I die. I hope I would be able to have this wish fulfilled in years to come. I will keep trying for the tickets... be it 20 years, 50 years, I just wish to catch one good National Day show live with my family and my wife, when all of us are still around.

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