Saturday, June 12, 2010

Men of Religion

The ongoing probe into City Harvest church's fund management has raised a ruckus in our society. Singaporeans have expressed similar sentiments when the famous monk Ming Yi was found to misappropriate his religious funds. This sentiment is not surprising as we expect men of faith and religion, especially those who hold leadership roles to uphold and exhibit even higher moral values and standing.

Recently, there was a funeral wake at the void deck of an apartment just a stone's throw away from where I live. After a recent jog, I took a double look when I saw someone in a monk's suit smoking at a Senior Citizens' corner in the void deck. I went closer for a look: it was an old monk, most probably a monk who assisted in the rites at the void deck. He was busy lighting up his cigarette, puffing away while making a call on his mobile phone, with a blue tooth ear piece in one of his ears. I am not against a religious man using high tech gadgets or driving. But to see the monk smoking, I was shocked! I was shocked as men of religion should eschew bad habits and be a moral example for the rest of his fellowman. Once I saw another monk in Ion Orchard shopping. True religous men should have given up chasing the luxuries, bad habits, wealth and fame of life.

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