Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Orchard road flooding

This year, the inter-monsoon season seems to come a little bit earlier: on many days since last week, it rained very heavily in the early mornings but today the rain or rather, the downpour persisted till late afternoon!

And who can guess, the rain turned our popular tourist belt cum shopping paradise, Orchard road into a big low-depth swimming pool!

I was shocked. Who could expect Orchard road to be flooded? So far, it has always been low-lying places in our country such as Geylang and Kallang being flooded.

One good thing did come out from the Orchard Road flooding incident: Just as the recent vandalism case at Changi MRT depot has reminded us that our security measures at our public installations is not comprehensive, the Orchard road flood uncovered deficiencies of our drainage system in the Orchard road area.

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