Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Slashing spree in singapore left 3 injured, 1 dead

As I went out in the night earlier, I turned back a numnber of times to ensure that I was not followed and slashed and silenced. Well,my worries are not completely unfounded.

Early Sunday morning, an Indian foreign worker was found dead in a field off Kallang with multiple knife slashes across his body. Just stone throws away, two others were slashed; one of them was a 19 year old who had his palm slashed off, this poor guy has his other body parts slashed too!

It turned out that the attackers was a group of foreign men, speaking in Thai, as was reported in the newspapers. It is such a scary thought that such multiple slashings could take place in a safe country like Singapore.

I notice that all these incidents occur after 12 am where there are fewer people on the street. Though Singapore is often lauded as a place where one can walk in the street after midnight safely, the recent spate of incidents proved so otherwises.

It is not worth at all if one is killed by all those thugs. The Singapore police should prove its mettle by nabbing the culprits soon. The police should also proactively patrol the streets more regularly. It has been ages since I see policemen and policecars patrolling the streets. Instead, I have seen many of them in the air-conditioned Neighbourhood Police Posts, away from the hot sun.

The police should engage in active patrolling and pre-empting crimes and not solving crimes after they have occur.

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