Saturday, June 05, 2010

MRT train vandalised with graffiti in Changi Depot

This is an incredible tale in Singapore! A renowned Swiss national, possibly with other accomplices including a Briton broke into the Changi MRT depot and spent at least 20 minutes vandalising the exterior of a MRT train with their signature graffiti artworks!

Security has been breached in our transport network! Though the intent of the artists or should we call them vandals, is harmless, the ease of breaking into the guarded premises of the Changi MRT depot just shows the ease of breaking of  potential terrorists into a node of our transport system or even public facilities to sow the seed of destruction!

And if that was not bad enough, the vandalised train went on its normal operation of carrying passengers for at least 48 hours, as reported! Many Singaporeans would have thought that the graffiti artwork might be once again a marketing gimmick like what Singapore Post did to its mailboxes on New Year eve! Hence they would not have reported the incident or cared about it too much. What an embarrassment.

Ong You Yuan, an ITE student who shot the video below and posted it to Youtube, has half a page coverage on national newspapers, The Straits Time today, page A12 dedicated to him. Hence You Yuan has became famous instantly because of what did in this vandal incident: tell the world via new media!

For the Swiss national who carried out this artwork, I think he has at least taught our authorities here that our guarded premises are not that fool-proof at all. He should be given a stern warning and a hefty fine, in my opinion but not a jail term though he did committ trepassing but his intent might be due to just sheer fun.

Maybe we can enforce the Swiss culprit to spray paint all our drain covers all over the island with even more professional graffiti for free! For your information, a number of drain covers have been painted with artwork or graffiti by the local authorities in an education outreach effort. You can read more about it

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