Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Food and Health

These days, I have been choosing my food for consumption very carefully. We often heard of the saying “We are what we eat” and how true this saying goes! Besides regular exercise, a good diet as well as a nutritious and wholesome meal will make us healthy and as fit as a fiddle.

I have been troubled by the increasing phenomenon of hair loss in our society. I, too, am also a sufferer of hair loss. Why is there such a rapid increase of hair loss sufferers in our society? Notwithstanding stress, I believe another reason would be due to the food we consume.

The food sold in our hawker centres, though appetizing, is not really healthy. There is also a generous dose of salt, preservative, MSG added to enhance their flavours.

I try to eschew those food described above and opt for fruits and vegetables. But these days, fruits and vegetables also seem to be genetically modified, which may possess a health risk too.

Riding the increasing ‘health-centric’ bandwagon of consumers today, there is now an increasing fad towards organic food which is quite expensive but touted to be healthier. There is now organic food, organic shampoo, organic cosmetics and in the future, there may be organic mobile phone (to reassure phone users of the radiation risk) as well as organic computers.

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